Geoff Coombs

Geoff Coombs (aka Glyph Owenson) formed free improvising duo Alas Poor Bruin with saxophonist Steve Kettley (Cauld Blast Orchestra, Salsa Celtica) in 1970. They recently returned to celebrate their Golden Jubilee with an online collaboration. He later played with synth pioneers Zorch and avant-rock bands the Reasonable Strollers (with Mat Fraser on drums) and Kip Keino. His interest in traditional music, which began at university playing with Nick Burbridge, led to him learning mandolin, mandola, tenor banjo and whistle. He then became a founder member of the Churchfitters, Vivando (with Kathryn Locke and Pete Cooper) and the Hosepipe Band.
He now performs and records solo improvisations on 12 string guitar, electric bouzouki and electronics.

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